At Ilios, we’re not just about dining; we craft an immersive journey
through the heart of Greece, where passion, authenticity, and the joy of
celebration converge. Our identity is deeply rooted in the vibrant
tapestry of Greek hospitality, treating each guest like cherished family.
Picture passionate staff, ambassadors of Greek culture, guiding you
through a culinary adventure that is both enlightening and joyous. In the
realm of flavors, Ilios stands for wholesome, fulfilling food rooted in
Greek authenticity.

Our menu reflects experiences from iconic Greek destinations like
Mykonos and Santorini, curated with a deep understanding of the
vibrant Mediterranean culinary scene. Entertainment is at our core – live
entertainment, DJ’s, singers, dancers, and even a touch of plate
smashing* elevate the Ilios experience. Step inside, and the interior
becomes a portal to Greece itself, meticulously designed to represent
the soul of Greece. Our space immerses you in an ambiance echoing
the warmth of Mediterranean hospitality. At Ilios, we’re not just a dining
destination; we are the gateway to the heart of Greece, inviting you to
savor, celebrate, and revel in a dining experience that goes beyond the
plate. Welcome to conceptual dining at its finest, where every moment
is an upbeat celebration of Greek culture.


Ilios presents a distinctive value proposition, marrying the allure of
authentic Greek-Mediterranean cuisine with the unparalleled setting
of Dubai’s Radisson Beach Resort Palm Jumeirah, West Beach. Our
rooftop location not only transforms every meal into a breathtaking
experience but also elevates Ilios to a hotspot for those seeking a
culinary adventure with a view. Our commitment is to transport our
guests to the enchanting streets of Mykonos and the picturesque
landscapes of Santorini, right here in Dubai.